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Exam and Assessment Results

KS1 Results 2016

We had two Year 2 classes with a total of 59 pupils. Each pupil represents 1.7% of the cohort.

Expected Standards + Deeper than Expected
Reading 66% 12%
Writing 56% 12%
Maths 66% 15%

KS2 Results 2016

These are the results of all the children who were at Byron Wood before Year 5. Children who arrived at Byron Wood in Year 5 or Year 6 are included in the results if they had attended another school previously.

This means the following results are for 60 pupils and each pupil therefore represents 1.7% of the cohort.

Expected Standards Average Scaled Score
Reading 52% 100
Writing 74% Teacher Assessed
EGPS 84% 106
Maths 79% 104
Combined R,W,EGPS,M 50%

Progress since end Of Key Stage 1

46 pupils at the school had KS1 data. Each child represents approximately 2.2%.

Progress Nationally
Reading 1.0 Top 40%
Writing 3.4 Top 11%
Maths 4.4 Top 5%

Please find below a link to the Department of Education’s School Performance Tables:

School Performance Tables