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‘Our Vision is to provide an inclusive environment where children participate, reach their potential and are proud of their achievements. All children will: gain experiences which enrich their lives, become responsible members of society and be ready for secondary school.’

As a learner your child will:

  • have access to a broad curriculum which is relevant to everyday life
  • have opportunities to develop their potential and make progress in all areas of the curriculum
  • participate in a range of new and varied experiences
  • develop an awareness of the wider world
  • develop their independence

 As an individual your child will be encouraged to:

  • be involved in and enjoy learning
  • value themselves and other people,
  • respect their own beliefs and those of others
  • be respectful, tolerant and caring individuals
  • develop a sense of belonging in a secure environment
  • develop life skills
  • be confident and have positive self-esteem
  • have high aspirations